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VENUS is a coastal network consisting of both a cabled observatory and mobile/geospatial sampling platforms. The cabled network is focused on the southern Strait of Georgia and Saanich Inlet, where there are Nodes into which we connect broadband ambient hydrophone arrays. The hydrophone data is available in a variety of formats, including our custom raw files (hyd), MP3 and WAV audio files, and spectrogram plots.
Timeline, Locations, and Depths
The VENUS archive includes several years of hydrophone data from Saanich Inlet (2006-2008) and from the Strait of Georgia (2009 – live). The hydrophone are mounted on the bottom, near our Nodes at water depths ranging from 100 to 300m.
Species Included
The predominant signals are those generated by both small and large vessels. There are local Orca populations that have been detected by the arrays, some of which are presented on the highlights page.

Currently Available Live Audio

  • Strait of Georgia East - 170m
    Hydrophone 1
    Hydrophone 2
    Hydrophone 3
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