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The primary function of the VENUS website is to deliver data and multimedia products to both the public and scientific communities to facilitate ocean research. Some data may not be accessible because they are still under quality review or data delivery tools are in development.

You can access data from VENUS instruments in several ways (please note our Data Policy):

Here you will find the latest data records from a selection of VENUS instruments. Short-term plots have full temporal resolution, whereas long-term plots have been subsampled. We recommend that you make a preliminary search of the archives by viewing these automatically-generated plots The VENUS network has digital cameras for recording high-resolution digital still images and low-resolution video as well as a broadband hydrophones for recording ambient sound. Highlights are available in our feature galleries. Access is free to everyone, but if you want to schedule control of the cameras, please make a formal request (researchers only, please). VENUS data are stored by the Data Management and Archiving System (DMAS) in a searchable database for registered users. Access is both easy and free. Queries for most data records and the delivery of common data products (plots in PNG and PDF format, .mat files for MATLAB users and Comma Separated Variable (CSV) text files) are available. Also see the Multimedia Archive. Charts and tables of the current instrument locations, historical data and instrument timelines can be found here.

Feedback: If you have trouble accessing the data archive or data products, please contact VENUS.

Data Policy and Attribution

  • The data stored within the DMAS is available to the public, scientific community, or project scientists for general or specific uses according to our Data Policy.
  • You must acknowledge the source – VENUS – if you use data from this site in any form (in presentations, papers, print media, etc.).

Click here to download the VENUS Data Policy (PDF).

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