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VENUS – from Concept to Launch ”¦ to 7 Years of Operations!

VENUS Network Concept

This month VENUS celebrates its 7-th Anniversary, on 8 February 2006 it is exactly seven years since the first node on the VENUS seafloor network was put into place at the bottom of the Saanich Inlet. It was the beginning of the journey in which science and engineering combined to undertake the challenging mission of building an advanced cabled ocean observatory, which is now a reality.

We have come a long way and would like to thank the dedicated staff and scientists who have been actively participating in the development of what is now the coastal network of Ocean Networks Canada.

With our core installations, the new components of VENUS Phase II, and now our integration with NEPTUNE, we look forward to another decade or more of collaborative ocean exploration.

The Birth of VENUS was marked by the University of Victoria as one of the greatest moments in the history of the university. Read the recollection of the founding director of VENUS – Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe on the UVic website.

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