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VENUS Camera Platform

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Descriptions of VENUS Instruments, Locations, and Timelines are now hosted on our new website, oceannetworks.ca. Please visit Instrument Information for the latest descriptions and lists of instruments.

Instrument Engineer Paul Macoun with the camera tripod.

The VENUS Camera Platform in its deployment frame.

The VENUS Camera Platform on the bottom of Saanich Inlet.

The VENUS camera platform is a large aluminum structure dedicated to supporting the camera tripod, one or more VENUS SIIMs, and several instruments.

The platform was designed to be deployed directly from a ship, and then configured by an ROV. The ROV uncoils the hose from a bracket on the back side of the structure, swims the 50 to 60 m between the Camera Platform and the node, and mates the wet-mate connector, providing power and Ethernet communications to the SIIM, camera, and instruments. The ROV then returns to the front of the platform and disconnects the Tripod lashings. The Tripod is then removed from its cradle, and set down.

The ROV then unlashes the SIIM to Tripod cable, and moves the Tripod up to 45 m away from the Camera Platform, in a location of interest. Once the Tripod has been adequately placed, the ROV is free to return to the surface.

As with the VENUS Instrument Platform (VIP), instruments are mounted within the framework of the Camera Platform using PVC brackets on Fiberglass boards, while the SIIM is mounted directly to the aluminum frame on PVC brackets, near the back of the structure.

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