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About the Data

From the Node to the Shore Station

Data from instruments connected to the VENUS Network are transmitted from the sensor, through the bottom mounted Node to the Shore Station.

At the shore station, a dedicated software “driver” running on a server listens to each instrument, time stamps each data block, and parses the data record into meaningful data fields.

Then data are buffered (stored) to hard disk at the Shore Station.

Links: VENUS Underwater

From the Shore Station to DMAS

Through an Internet connection, the Shore Station Data Server immediately sends the stored data to the central VENUS DMAS computers at the University of Victoria, where the data from each instrument are sorted and stored in a searchable database.

Links: VENUS Above Water

From DMAS to the web

Most of the VENUS data can be explored by viewing the automatically generated data plots. Depending on the type of instrument, these plots are updated in near-real time by a series of continuous processes.

Links: Data Management and Archive System (DMAS)

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