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System Status

IOS Monthly Generator Test on Tuesday July 8 at 10am

The Institute of Ocean Sciences will be conducting their monthly generator test on July 8 at 1000. We can expect the Saanich Array to drop off for 5-10 minutes at the start and end of the test.

Strait of Georgia Arrays down on June 11, 2014 due to issues at the IONA Shore Station

All Strait of Georgia arrays had to be taken offline due to air conditioning issues that the IONA Shore Station. Engineers are presently working to solve the issue and will bring the array back on line as soon as possible. This affects all data from the platforms from the Central, East and DDL nodes, shore station meteorological data and CODAR data. All data are lost during this time period.

A notice will be posted when the array is back online.

UPDATED: SOG Array down

Due to communication loss at the IONA wastewater station, the Strait of Georgia array is down. Engineers are looking into the cause and will provide updates when more information is available.

UPDATE: The Strait of Georgia array is back online – no data were lost because there was still power to the shore station. All data streams have caught up.

May 14, 2014 – System performance issue

The Digital Infrastructure group is currently diagnosing a system performance issue. The VENUS Download interface is affected and may show slow performance. An update will be posted once the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

DI Release on April 28 between 11am-2pm

The ONC Digital Infrastructure group will be updating the software today between 11am-2pm. There are no expected outages in data during that period.

DI Release on April 2 between 11am-1pm

The ONC Digital Infrastructure group will be updating the software today between 11am-1pm. There are no expected outages in data during that period.

VENUS Multimedia Archive Improvements

An improvement to the VENUS Multimedia Archive has been released today. The code for displaying images has been optimized to speed up the display of image data used for browsing camera and hydrophone data.

ONC VENUS Maintenance Cruise March 4-11, 2014

The ONC VENUS engineering team will be at sea between March 4-11, 2014 conducting maintenance on instrument systems in Saanich Inlet and Strait of Georgia. During this time, Data Plots might not be updating, data displayed in the Live Data applets on the VENUS homepage will be sporadic and data from the new sites will not be available for downloading until data validation is complete. We hope to have all our data services fully functional 2 weeks after the cruise ends.The following areas and instrument platforms are scheduled for servicing:

– Saanich Inlet VIP Site at 95m will be recovered, serviced and redeployed.
- Saanich Inlet Digital Camera Frame (DCF) site at 104m will be recovered.
- Strait of Georgia HDW (Webcam) Forensics Platform will be recovered from the Central Node location (300m) and redeployed at the East Node location (170m)
- Strait of Georgia East VIP will be recovered, serviced and redeployed.
- Strait of Georgia Delta Dynamics at 110m will be recovered,serviced and redeployed with the addition of the Sequoia LISST 1339.
- Strait of Georgia SLIP experiment at 140m will be redeployed.
- Strait of Georgia Bottom Boundary Layer (BBL) will be redeployed at 100m on the Delta Node.
- Ocean Innovation systems will be deployed at Strait of Georgia Delta and East.

FIXED: VENUS Searches Failing after Feb 18 Release

Update – all searches are now working.

All VENUS searches are failing after the DI release today. Developers are working on a fix and an update will be posted as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

DI Software Release and Driver Update on February 18, 2014

A regular update of our Oceans 2.0 software suite is scheduled on the morning of Feb 18, 2014. Brief interruptions of software services are possible. Data collection will have a brief outage (~20 minutes) while drivers are updated.

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