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System Status

Strait of Georgia CODAR array down for testing of new site

As of 10:40 PDT, April 1, 2015, the CODAR ocean radars at Iona and the Westshore Coal Terminal have been shut down for testing of a candidate CODAR site on Mayne Island. The tests are expected to take about 4 hours, so the CODAR systems should be back up by around 15:00 PDT.

VENUS Maintenance Cruise March 27-April 2

There will be a maintenance cruise to service assets in the Strait of Georgia and Saanich Inlet. Data from platforms will be offline at times while instruments and cables are serviced. Plots may not update as scheduled. Please be patient as we work to update our infrastructure.

Queen of Alberni system is off due to leak

The Queen of Alberni seakeeper system has been turned off to avoid a major leak. The ferry is out of service for maintenance beginning Feb 10 where ONC engineers will visit in order to diagnose and fix the issue. The ferry should be back in service on Feb 19.

Queen of Alberni Seakeeper system is off

Due to leaking, the Queen of Alberni Seakeeper system will remain off until ONC engineers are able to schedule another maintenance visit. This visit should happen in the week of Jan 26-30, 2015.

The BC Ferry Spirit of Vancouver Island is in refit Jan 5-29, 2015

The BC Ferry Spirit of Vancouver Island (Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen route) is in refit from January 5-29, 2015. All data acquisition systems are powered down. A maintenance visit will be conducted prior to the ferry returning to service.

Updated: IONA CODAR Station down on November 25th-26th, 2014

UPDATE: The IONA CODAR station is back up as of ~9:40am pst November 26th.

Due to maintenance at the IONA CODAR station, the device will be down from 8am pst on Nov 25th until ~9am pst November 26th. There will be no radial or total images from this device during this time period.

UPDATE – SOG Array is back up and running!

All Strait of Georgia subsea infrastructure is presently down – November 13, 2014

ONC engineers have lost communications with the Strait of Georgia shore station resulting in all the subsea equipment powering down. We are working to fix the situation and will post an update as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Queen of Alberni in refit until November 18, 2014

The Queen of Alberni on the Tsawwassen-Duke Point route is in refit until November 18. All data acquisistion has been turned off for the time being.

Interruption in Strait of Georgia CODAR data – October 9, 2014

There will be an interruption in SOG CODAR data on October 9, 2014. The ONC Operations team is looking into the issue. A notice will be posted when data are back up.

DI Release on September 29 between 12pm-3pm

There will be a software release on September 29 between 12-3pm. There will be a small data outage (<15 minutes) for all Strait of Georgia data due to driver updates on the shore station.

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