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VENUS Maintenance Cruise March 27-April 2

There will be a maintenance cruise to service assets in the Strait of Georgia and Saanich Inlet. Data from platforms will be offline at times while instruments and cables are serviced. Plots may not update as scheduled. Please be patient as we work to update our infrastructure.

ONC VENUS Maintenance Cruise September 16-23, 2014

The ONC VENUS engineering team will be at sea between September 16-23, 2014 conducting maintenance on instrument systems in Saanich Inlet and Strait of Georgia. During this time, Data Plots might not be updating, data displayed in the Live Data applets on the VENUS homepage will be sporadic and data from the new sites will not be available for downloading until data validation is complete. We hope to have all our data services fully functional 2 weeks after the cruise ends.The following areas and instrument platforms are scheduled for servicing:

– Saanich Inlet VIP Site at 95m will be recovered, serviced and redeployed.
– Saanich Inlet Digital Camera Frame (DCF) site at 104m will be deployed.
– Saanich Inlet 3D Camera Frame (3DDCF) will be deployed.
– Strait of Georgia Central VIP (300m) will be recovered, serviced and redeployed.
– Strait of Georgia HDW (Webcam) Forensics Platform will be recovered and redeployed.
– Strait of Georgia East VIP will be recovered, serviced and redeployed.
– Strait of Georgia Delta Dynamics at 110m will be recovered,serviced and redeployed.
– Strait of Georgia SLIP experiment at 140m will be recovered.
– Strait of Georgia Bottom Boundary Layer (BBL) will be recovered and redeployed.
– Strait of Juan de Fuca autonomous moorings to be recovered and redeployed.

Seakeeper data on Queen of Alberni up and running!

After months of problems, the Seakeeper aboard the Queen of Alberni has been fixed and data are now flowing! Data are available as of 22:30 UTC December 10, 2013.

Scheduled upgrades on May 30 may lead to service disruption

Scheduled upgrades beginning at 7am local time on May 30, 2013 may lead to short outages on the VENUS website. Please be patient and check back later if the services are down. We will post a message when the upgrades are complete. Thank you for your patience.

6-year Data Record from Saanich Inlet on VENUS

VENUS Celebrates 6 Years of Operation

On February 8, 2006 the VENUS Node in Saanich Inlet went live. The six year data record can be viewed under our Research section,
State of the Ocean, log in to be able to download the data. Look for us at the upcoming Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, February 20-24, 2012.

Ocean Discovery Days 2009

Between June 4 and July 4 2009, Sidney is celebrating Ocean Discovery Days. Presentations, displays, activities, and the opening of the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre on June 20 are some of the high-lights. VENUS will be participating with this celebration of the ocean on June 22, 2009:

12:00 noon
Institute of Ocean Sciences, 9860 West Saanich Road
Speaker: Richard Dewey

Headwaters to Deepwaters II

Headwaters to Deepwaters II symposium on Saanich Inlet.

Brighouse Science Bash

VENUS had an exhibit at the Brighouse Science Bash as part of the National Science & Technology Week (Oct 17-26). The annual event is organized and supported by the Government of Canada and designed to promote Science & Technology amongst youth.

Photo gallery of the Brighouse Science Bash on Flickr photo services http://www.flickr.com/photos/brighouse_science_bash

University of Regina and Argyle Elementary School

Telecon presentation: Live Interactive Ocean Science Over Internet. VENUS to the Grade 7 students of Argyle Elementary School in Regina, SK. (Dr. R Dewey, N. Korniyuk).

ASLO Summer Meeting, St. John’s


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