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Strait of Georgia Array is Coming Back Online

Deep water node deployment - Feb 2013

Responding to a failure of an array power connector on the Strait of Georgia array of VENUS in early fall 2012, a joint team of engineers from ONC and OceanWorks Int'l have spent a week (Feb 5-9) aboard CS Wave Venture recovering, repairing, testing and redeploying the VENUS primary sub-sea infrastructure in the Strait of Georgia.

The marine operation was a challenging procedure for the cable ship but proceeded smoothly without any major complications. The repair coincided with the 7th anniversary of operations for the VENUS network which began in 8 February 2006.

“The mission was a success”, reported Adrian Round, Director of Observatory Operations (ONC). “Both nodes were recovered, upgraded with new Junction Cans and connectors and redeployed to the original sites in the Strait. The next step is to re-deploy all the science instrument platforms, which is scheduled for late February”.

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