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Seven Years In Saanich Inlet

Seven Years In Saanich Inlet
This full length time series from Saanich Inlet reveals seven full seasons of variability. Since February 2006 VENUS has been collecting data on one of the first advanced ocean observatory systems. The data not only show the cooling and freshening during winter and the warming and in-flux of higher salinity water during the summer, but clearly reveal sutble differences between years. The first year 2006-2007 was an El Niño and was one of our warmest. 2008-2009 was a La Niña and one of the coolest. The winter of 2010 (during the Olympics) was mild, as was the summer of 2010 which was cloudy and cool. This week we present our 2012 observations at the Pacific State of the Ocean workshop at IOS.

We celebrate our successes with all of our researchers, partners, and a dedicated staff that continues to develop new and exciting systems that will reveal new features of our coastal ocean in the years to come.

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