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Strait of Georgia Surface Currents—Animated Data Product Released

24-hour CODAR data animation for Nov 8. 2012. Southern Strait of Georgia.

24-hour CODAR data animation for Nov 8. 2012. Southern Strait of Georgia.

The VENUS data team adds another animated data product to its data plots gallery.

This animated image depicts measurements of the surface ocean currents in the Strait of Georgia over a recent 24-hour period.

The currents are measured using a “CODAR” (Coastal Ocean Dynamics Applications Radar) system. The VENUS CODAR system consists of two antennae, one at the Iona Wastewater Treatment plant, near Vancouver Airport, the other at the Westshore Coal Terminal, near the BC Ferries port at Tsawwassen. These are labelled in the image as “VION” and “VCOL”, respectively.

Each image in the sequence shows the current averaged over an hour. The size of the arrows is proportional to the current magnitude. The location of each measurement is at the midpoint of the corresponding arrow.

The depicted measurements span an entire tidal cycle, but the flood and ebb tides seen in the animation are not symmetric: the southward-trending ebb tide is considerably stronger than the northward-trending flood tide. This is most likely due to the prevailing winds over the last few days which have been from the NW, pushing surface currents to the south. The ebb tide reinforces this flow and thus appears very strong, while the flood tide works against the wind driven flow and thus appears weaker.

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