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‘Dancing’ on the Seafloor—Saanich Inlet, 96m depth

The time lapse captures changes on the seafloor in Saanich Inlet at 96 metres depth as recorded by a VENUS camera in May 2012. Twelve days of still photos, taken by the DISCo camera, one every 30 minutes, were compressed into a 30 second video to show how animals move around in a natural setting in response to changes in the environment. During the time period captured in the video, a small phytoplankton bloom occurred at the surface of Saanich Inlet over the study area. The bloom eventually settled to the bottom and was followed by a migration of an army of squat lobsters into the frame at the end of the video.

Note: Turn on your speakers.

See Multimedia Archive for more images from DISCo, Cyclops as well as imagery from web cameras on VENUS network.

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